Google Link Operator Not Working & Link Command is Dead

Google has put the last nail to it’s Link Operator after shutting the Google Toolbar PageRank (PR). Last year around the month of Feb, 2016 there were some chatters that Google Link Operator is not working and is showing signs of being turned off. And after the gap of 11 months it seems that Google Link Operator is finally dead. Google has also removed the Link Search Operator from the list of search operators on its official Search Operators page.

Now only the following search operators are working according to the Google page:

There is no place for Google Link Operator in the above list. Now when you search, Google is showing bolded words link and example site name in its search results.

Its good as the link operator was not working properly for many years. It was inconsistent and it never showed the right number of links. Now, website owner have to look into their Google Search Console for the link to their website or look for third party software or resources to get the links.

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