Google Search to Go Live with Caffeine Update After Holidays

History is repeating itself with the roll out of Caffeine Update on all Google Data-centers in the winter season of holidays. Time of Florida Update was the peak season of sales for the webmasters. That update hurt lot of webmasters as with the change in Google search algorithm many of them lose huge amount of traffic. This time Google doesn't want the webmaster to loose traffic with the Caffeine roll out. So the Caffeine Update will be roll out on a single data center and after holidays Google will roll out on all the data centers.

Google has also closed the Google Caffeine Sandbox test by giving a 302 redirect .

I have checked the redirect on the Internet Officer tool and got this response:

Checked link:

Type of redirect: 302 Found

Redirected to:

Wait and watch for Google Caffeine Update to go live, after the holidays. There might be many webmasters that are going to enjoy Christmas and New Year but some of them might not with this Google Update.

Is this update going to change the SEO technique?
Will Google be able to maintain the leadership in the Search Market Share with new Update?

Google Preferences Goes Missing from Search Page:

Google has shift the Google Preferences option the to the row, just below the search box after searching. You can find link to Google Preferences under Settings >> Search Settings.

To change your Google Preference, when you search for a particular keyword you will see a search page. Just below the search box click on Settings and then click on Search Settings and you will find your Preferences option.

Under Google Preferences you have the Search results option of SafeSearch filters, Google Instant predictions, Results per page, Private results, Where results open and Search history. You can adjust these as per your choice and save it/them.

There is also the option of searching in different languages and which language Google products show while you use them. Choose your native language and don't forget to save it.

Google has removed Preferences link from Earlier you would see three links
Advanced SearchPreferences
Language Toolsnext to search box. But now the preferences link is missing from the search page. You will find only
Advanced Search
Language Tools

Apart from latest Search Engine Ranking updation that was done around mid Aug,09 , Caffeine update and now visual display update ; what else is Google Going to change.

You can find your old Preferences in a new name as Search settings on the upper Right Hand Side with Sign in link as:

Current Google Search Results vs Google Search Results on Google Caffeine

I was surfing the net and looking for Google Caffeine update that was recently (August 10, 2009) rolled out by Search Engine Giant. You can search over Google Caffeine at

There are lot of discussion going on over the webmasters. Some are seeing Good Search Result for their websites on Google Caffeine search result some are not.

I have found few SEO tools for comparing the De-Caffeinated Google Search Results with that of Google Search Results.

You can check them at:
Compare Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine Compare

Get Caffeinated

You can give yours comment on this blog regarding Google Caffeine Update

Google is using billboard advertising to compete against Microsoft Exchange and to promote Google Apps. Google Apps - a web-based suite of messaging and collaboration applications is Google's package for enterprise solutions. Commuters of US four major cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco are now noticing giant billboards.


The Google campaign called "Going Google", is used to make use of US long traffic jams. This billboard campaign is catering IT professionals stuck in traffic. With this, Google will have the chance to make Google Apps get noticed by the people struck in long jams in some of the busiest roadways in US. This will benefit Google to capture the eyes of the people that are using Microsoft enterprise based products like MS office or Microsoft Exchange.

Google almost never need to advertise its product. Google Products generally spread by word of mouth and have used sparingly traditional ads. But the current search engine market conditions and collaboration between Yahoo and Microsoft has forced Google to use of billboard for advertising its product. Google and others have to wait and watch to see what and how these billboards are going to affect Google profitability.

Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Products

Mozilla released a security and stability update for Firefox 3.5.x and 3.0.x users on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at 3:03 pm PT. Check out the Mozilla Developer News announcement, reposted below, for more details.

As part of Mozilla’s ongoing stability and security update process, Firefox 3.5.2 and Firefox 3.0.13 are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as free downloads:

We strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to this latest release. If you already have Firefox 3.5 or Firefox 3, you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. This update can also be applied manually by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu.

For a list of changes and more information, please review the Firefox 3.5.2 Release Notes and the Firefox 3.0.13 Release Notes.

Note: All Firefox 3.0.x users are encouraged to upgrade to Firefox 3.5.2 by downloading it from or by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu.


You famous or our famous has roll out a new DiggBar this April, 2009.

The DiggBar allows you to…
* Digg directly on the destination site: No more awkward toggling between the story page and Digg.
* Easily share stories: You can now create a shortened Digg URL to share on Twitter, Facebook or via email. You can also type before the URL of any page you’re on to create a short URL.
* Access additional analytics: See how many times a story has been viewed.
* View comments while on the story page: Clicking the ‘Comments’ button expands the DiggBar to show the top comment, latest comment, and most controversial without leaving the page.
* Discover related stories: Clicking the ‘Related’ button expands the DiggBar to highlight similar stories.
* See more stories from the same source: Clicking the ‘Source’ button expands the DiggBar to show you more Digg stories from that source site.
* Discover random stories: Click the ‘Random’ button and you’ll be brought to an entirely new, unexpected story.

Digg New URL Policy:

Digg has also updated its destination URL policy. Earlier we get a direct link to our bookmarked websites, but now you can see the address as:

Looking closer at the HTML source code of a particular page created by Digg, we can see that it has used:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>
<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

We know that noindex meta prevent all robots from indexing a page on your site. And rel="canonical" doesn't work across the domains. So using rel="canonical" is useless.
Is this is going to be a great loss to SEO?

What you people think about changes? Please share your ideas and suggestions via comment box.


Today morning, while searching on Google for a keyword "cheap cell phones", i have noticed a change in Google' sitelinks display. Earlier it was for the first position or so called the top ranked website, but now you can find a vertical line displaying the top visited pages for a particular site and it need not be the top ranked website.

You can view the layout of the Google's Sitelinks from the given below images:

Also you can differentiate between the updated and old format of Google Sitelink from the below imgaes:

Old Format of Google Sitelinks

Updated Google Sitelinks

Also, its a time for Google PR update for the April, 2009 month. I have started noticing fluctuation in Google PR

November Search Market Share-2008


December Search Market Share-2008


Google Favicon
Google is know showing Favicon for the cached version of websites. In my notice, it is visible only in Mozilla Firefox. Tried to see the same in IE7, but couldn't find any. One can see this Favicon only if the visited website doesn't have any its own Favicon. If it does have, then the Full Version of Google Cache will not display any Favicon. To see it, one have to go for Text-Only Version of Google Cache.
Along with cache: command, this new Favicon is viewable when we use the following site:, link:, info: commands.

Update: Now the new favicon for Google is visible in almost all Google's Products. It contains the colours seen in Google Logo, that are RGB (RGB color model) plus Yellow and White(added in the favicon to make g).

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