According to comScore, Google Sites ranked as the top search property in India with more than 1 billion searches conducted in June, representing 81 percent of the market. Yahoo! Sites ranked second with 9.4 percent, followed by Ask Network (1.9 percent) and Microsoft Sites (1.7 percent). Indian Internet portal ranked fifth with 1.5 percent.

Top Search Properties in India

June 2008

Total India – Age 15+, Home/Work Locations

Source: comScore qSearch

Searches (MM)

Share of Searches

Total Internet



Google Sites



Yahoo! Sites



Ask Network



Microsoft Sites


1.7 India Ltd






People Group



CNET Networks



Wikipedia Sites






For more information visit: comScore and read its Press Release on India Search Market Led by 1 Billion Searches on Google Sites in June.

According to Live Search Webmaster Center Blog, Live Search is testing an update of MSNBot. This may show a new crawler name in your server log report. The new crawler user agent will appear as:

msnbot/2.0b (+

But msnbot/1.1 (+ will still be the primary user agent for Live Search and you will see them in your log report as earlier. According to Live Search Webmaster Center Blog, the updated crwaler will also follow the robots exclusion protocol and there is no need to change or update your Robots.txt file.

For more information you can visit: Live Search Webmaster Center Blog

Google has introduced Event Tracking in Google Analytics. It is like other Google Applications is still in BETA. The following is the snippet of mail that I have received from Google Analytics Team.

"Greetings from Google Analytics,

We are happy to let you know that the Event Tracking feature is now available in all profiles for the following Google Analytics Account ID: *******. Please note that you are receiving this email update because you are an 'Admin' or designated contact for the account listed above.

When you log in to these profiles, you will see a new set of reports called "Event Tracking" under the Content section. As posted on our
blog, this is a limited release currently available only to select profiles.

Event Tracking allows you to track interactions with Web 2.0 style content such as Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, social networking apps, etc. We recently made tracking Adobe Flash even easier with the release of a new Flash Tracking
client library. It allows for much simpler tracking of Flash content with drag and drop functionality and an open source framework.

To use Event Tracking, you will need to upgrade your site to use the new
ga.js javascript. Detailed instructions on how to set up Event Tracking on your site are available on our CodeSite.
To find your ga.js code snippet, edit the settings for your profile and click the "Check Status" link on the upper right corner of the page. You can now track interactions beyond just pageviews.

The Google Analytics Team "

Its seems like Google is updating visible Google Toolbar's PageRank. I have seen a drop of one PR to one on my clients website. It drops from 6 to 5. Also, PR of my other website has increased from PR-1 to PR-2. Something to cheer about :).

Does any one else is seeing a PR update for the month of December 2008?

Google might have started updating PR in the first week of December 2008.

If any one has seen this please share here... has launched a new feature in the author panel. Now the members or the author of the article can view the search terms that visitors are using to visit his/her articles. To view this, login to your account and then under the Author Tools menu click the View My Article Reports. Then Click on an author name (if you have multiple author click the one whose report you want to see.) to view more detailed statistics. After that you will be redirected to the list of your published articles. Click the views given in numbers for any article whose report you want to see. There you will be given to options Monthly View and Traffic Search Term. Click the later one.

But with this facility you can only view reports from October, 2008 onwards.

Google Launches AdWords Display Ad Builder (16 September, 2008), an other good improvement by Google. A picture tells a thousand words. With Google Adwords Ad Builder you have the power to upload files for your own ad format. It provide 40 professionally designed templates. You can use your own text, images, Flash, video and logo for this.

Get started with Display Ads, quickly, and easily!

As you can see from the highlighted section of the above image, Google is giving more weightage to its Search Result from Google Books. The above Search Result for a keyphrase-health foods on Google SERP is displaying 78 Characters without spaces and 91 Characters with spaces. Its higher than Google's Search result for others websites i.e approx. 55 Characters with no spaces and 61 Characters with spaces.

The above image display the Google ad running on for the search keyword- secured loans.
On clicking the drop down menu, you can see different loan amounts. This ad look unique in its own way. I had never seen such type of ad running on Google Adwords. This is a new beta version of Google Merchant Search Beta, where user can compare sponsoring lenders for secured loans. Another way of earning by Google.

As Google Inc. turns 10 on September 7, 2008, their journey from a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California to Mountain View, CA has seen many changes in the Google and the Search Engine Market.



Google's new web browser Google Chrome is now available for download. But its work with Windows XP/Vista.

Download Google Chrome.

Hopes to see Google Chrome works fine and Google do not intent to use the users searching and browsing trends for their own use. Google needs to maintain the Privacy of users.

Google will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome today in more than 100 countries. Visit official Google Blog

View the first images of Google Chrome.

Google have added a link to their comic book explaining Google Chrome.

Google has introduced a new feature in its search page. It has replaced News with + Search Options:
This feature has many options. Like you can check the pages by the time of page created i.e page created in the past day, week, month or a year. And also for each page show you can select the Standard View, Longer Text, Dates and Places, and images from the page.

But the above option is not showing in all browser and for different user it is not available. So what is this? Is this a new trend that Google is trying to introduce. Or this is the reason for the continuous Google Dance or YO-YO in this month of July? Well this will come to us in future or might not......

Does Google has shed its image of updating visible Toolbar PageRank quarterly? Since October 2007, webmasters have noticed update in PR every month. A recent Google Toolbar PR update has been noticed across the world in the last week of Feb 2008. prtocol has been updated. One can now store their XML Sitemap Files anywhere, even on a different domain than the one referenced in the Sitemap. For this you have to update your robots.txt file of the domain the Sitemap file references.

Previously one can't have the privilege of adding a sitemap for subdomains. Google was an exception where webmaster can veriy their ownership of all the domains in Google Webmaster Tool.
For more information visit:
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Microsoft Blog
Yahoo! Search Blog

Microsoft, in order to compete with Google Online Ads Market, is going to launch a new measure to test the effectiveness of Internet advertising. Microsoft's "Engagement Mapping" is going to replace its outdated "last ad clicked" measuring steps

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