Google is using billboard advertising to compete against Microsoft Exchange and to promote Google Apps. Google Apps - a web-based suite of messaging and collaboration applications is Google's package for enterprise solutions. Commuters of US four major cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco are now noticing giant billboards.


The Google campaign called "Going Google", is used to make use of US long traffic jams. This billboard campaign is catering IT professionals stuck in traffic. With this, Google will have the chance to make Google Apps get noticed by the people struck in long jams in some of the busiest roadways in US. This will benefit Google to capture the eyes of the people that are using Microsoft enterprise based products like MS office or Microsoft Exchange.

Google almost never need to advertise its product. Google Products generally spread by word of mouth and have used sparingly traditional ads. But the current search engine market conditions and collaboration between Yahoo and Microsoft has forced Google to use of billboard for advertising its product. Google and others have to wait and watch to see what and how these billboards are going to affect Google profitability.


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