Happy 12th Birthday to Google!!! 
Google is now celebrating its 12th Birthday with New Google Doodle/Logo.

Google is celebrating its birthday on 27th September instead of 7th September with a new Google Doodle. Following is the new Google Doodle that has been used for its 12th Birthday.
 Happy 12th Birthday Google by Wayne Thiebaud. Image used with permission of VAGA NY.
Image used above is a direct link to the server Location of Google's Logo and all rights goes to Vaga NY
As per the Google Tool Tip for the Doodle, the image is used by taking permission from Visual Artists and Galleries Association, Inc. and is designed by Thiebaud, Wayne of VAGA. According to Vaga.org:
VAGA is an artists rights organization and copyright collective representing reproduction rights (copyright) for approximately 500 American artists and, through agreements with affiliated organizations in other countries, thousands of foreign artists worldwide.
This means that the Google's 12th Birthday Doodle is designed outside the boundary of Google Inc. and Google has to use this copyright protected image by taking permission from VAGA.

Well that does not matter to us, we love Google and wish to see it gives the best results in future and should be remain free from any of Board of Directors profit making/financial interests.


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