Google Celebrating it's 15th Birthday with Piñata Game

Google is celebrating it's 15th birthday by displaying an interactive Doodle based on Mexican Piñata game on it's search page. Piñata is a decorated container, made up of papier-mâché, pottery or cloth and is filled with small toys or candy or both. You have to hit the Piñata blind folded to get the goodies and sweets. The Piñata is one of many traditions which are typical of Mexico and is now part of Google legacy.

Search "Google In 1998" For A Flashback

On it's 15th birthday, Google is giving chance to it's users to go to flashback of Google in 1998. Search "Google In 1998" on Google and you will be taken back to what Google was in 1998.

Google Opened Menlo Park House & Garage

Google also opened the Menlo Park house and garage, where the company first started its business. It was opened to the media to celebrate the company's 15th birthday. The garage was rented to Google by Susan Wojcicki, sister of Anne Wojcicki wife of Sergey Brin. Susan Wojcicki, was one of the first hires by Brin and Page in Google Team.


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