Now Signed in Google Users can Show or Hide Private Search Results

When signed in, Google is now giving the option to turn of search personalization direct on the search result page. There are two options when Google is showing private results. The options are not available for all queries. But as per my knowledge only when you have shared or your friends have shared something related to the search query via Google+.

Here, is the screen capture for the two queries one showing private result options and other not:

Show Hide Private Search Results Options in Google Search Page
Show Hide Private Search Results Option is Missing in Google Search Page
When the Globe icon is selected, the private data is hidden but when Human icon is selected the search result is showing private results also. And as per my finding, "Currently showing private results" i.e. Human icon is by default selected. Means by default you will get personalised results in Google search

Disable/Hide Private Results on Google Search

You can easily hide your private results being shown in Google Search results. When login, you just have to visit this Search Settings link: Scroll a bit and check the "Do not use private results" radio button.

Private results

Private results help find more relevant content for you, including content and connections that only you can see.
Use private results
Do not use private results


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