Google has made live it's new layout and look for home page across the world and has also updated the new look and layout for the Search Result Pages.

Google who has favoured white background for last many years has introduced black top bar while replacing the old white background.

Also, removed Advanced Search and Language tool from the Google Search's home page, which used to be near the search box. In the new Google Layout, they are now placed on the top right hand side, under the Options menu, just near the Sign in link.

The new Google SERP's layout has removed "Similar pages" option that used to be on the right of "Cached" link on Search Result pages. The URLs are moved beneath the title/headline for each search result in the search snippet. Also, the left panel has been changed with introduction of new colors and replacing the old blue color.

They have moved the links on the homepage to the top and bottom of the browser screen which according to Google is making the homepage more cleaner.

According to Google their new design is based on the following three design principles:

With this new layout and look, Google is hopping that as a user we will get what we want whether we are using mobile devices, tablets, high-resolution monitors and TVs with the use of latest technologies like HTML5, WebGL and the latest browsers.


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